15 Amazing Facts About Sapphire Gemstone

When you think of Sapphire gemstone, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, it is the legendary movie Titanic! Do you remember the sapphire necklace and the beautiful diamond? Well! A lot of girls love the sapphire gemstones. Do you know why? There are several remarkable facts about this stone.

There are many powers related to the jewelry of Sapphire gemstone. You may consider it superstition, but it is a famous belief that sapphire has the ability to either break or make a person. When it comes to talking about astrology, it is worn by people having vital energy of Saturn planet on their birth chart. Blue Sapphire increases the positive energy of Saturn planet, such as will power, confidence, patience, and boosts confidence.

Let us talk about some captivating facts about Sapphire gemstone.

Precious Stone

Sapphires are treated as precious stones for hundreds of years. They were famous in ancient Persia, ancient Roman, and all over the Middle Ages.

Color of Sapphire Gemstones

While thinking of sapphire gemstones, you may reflect of deep blue color; however, sapphires come in around every rainbow color – including purple, teal, green, yellow, orange, peach, and pink. The red sapphires are best renowned as ruby (both are the variations of the corundum mineral).


Sapphires get the colors from the trace items in the corundum elements. The classic sapphires of blue color consist of titanium and iron, and trace items of chromium can make corundum pink, although more chromium makes it into the rubies.

Rarest Sapphire Gemstone

A variety of pinkish-orange is the rare type of sapphire; it is known as padparadscha, a term appears from the word Sinhalese used for flower lotus. Usually from Sri Lanka, the stones are sorted through the rivers of Sri Lanka.

Meaning of Sapphire

The Sapphire word came from the Greek and Latin terms for “blue”: sappheiros and sapphirus, which may refer to another kind of blue gemstone known as Lapis Lazuli.

Durability of Sapphire

Sapphires are highly durable elements around the globe. The gems are rated in their capacity to endure scratching depending on the Mohs Hardness Scale, and sapphires gems are scored 9 /10. The materials that are used to scratch sapphires are diamonds, which is scored ten on this scale. The sapphires durability makes them a perfect choice for rings and jewelry items you want to wear it every day.

Industrial Uses

Sapphire has multiple industrial uses due to its hardness. The Series 3 of Apple Watch consists of laboratory-created crystal of sapphire in the screen to make it resistant to scratch, as do multiple companies of Swiss watches.

Places where Sapphires are Present

Sapphires are present in different places around the globe, including the U.S, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Malawi, Cambodia, Thailand, Tanzania, Australia, and more.

Mystical Powers of Sapphire Gemstone

Throughout history, numerous cultures have credited magical powers to sapphire gemstones, including good health, peace, innocence, truth, and heavenly powers. In old times, it was said that sapphire stones protected the person wearing it from evil forces. Due to its blue color which Europeans associate with heaven, they believed that the sapphires cured preserved chastity and cured eye disorders, along with offering other blessings of heaven. Sapphires are used to represent faithfulness and nobility.


The ‘deep blue sapphire’ was linked to royalty (which lead to the identification of the royal blue color). Medieval kings wore the royal blue sapphire gemstones, some of them considered that the gem would save them from the enemies.

History of Sapphire Gemstone

In 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte, French Emperor, gave a diamond and two-stone engagement ring to his loving wife. In 2013, the ring was sold for auction for close to one million dollars, and it features pear-shaped stone close to a pear-shaped diamond having opposite directions, while on a gold band.

Famous Royal Sapphire

Today, the most renowned royal sapphire is the ring offered by Prince Charles of England in 1981 to Lady Diana Spencer, and it is now worn by Princess Catherine. This ring features a 12-carat blue sapphire in blue encircled by diamonds.

Sapphire Rings

The engagement rings of Sapphire are not only for royals. Let’s go back to history. Before the 20th century, the blue sapphire gems were the auspicious stones for engagement rings. They were renowned in Victorian engagement rings when small diamonds surrounded them to make floral designing.

Asterism or Star Effect

A lot of people are amazed to see that the sapphires display a phenomenon known as asterism or star effect. It takes place when inclusions make a pattern of stars on the exterior of something similar to the dome and cabochon-cut sapphire gem, often known as ‘star sapphire.’

Color Change Variety

Maybe, the most attractive kind of sapphire gem is the variety of ‘color change.’ These stones display numerous colors varying on the light, slightly changing from bluish-purple in radiant light to blue in the daylight.

These are some of the fantastic facts about sapphire gemstones. Which sapphire color do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section. And, don’t forget to visit our website.

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