Top 7 Tips for Decorating a Small Home/Space

Top 7 Tips for Decorating a Small Home/Space

If you are living in a small space, it does not mean that you have to manage with the pint-sized and dull furniture.

As said by someone,

“Live with what you love: Decorating the Golden Rule.”

A common misunderstanding a lot of individuals have while decorating a small home is that all the concentration must be on the functionality.

A home having a small space does not have to be compromising on the style. The primary thing is to find the right equilibrium between functionality and style and select the furnishing that shows personal aesthetics.

Here are some unique decoration tips to make your home space beautiful:

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

Prefer furniture that can play a double role. You can have the multi-purpose furniture all over the home from the living room to the bedroom.

Pick the furniture you like, but make sure that they are suitable for your home and easy to use.

Go Curvy

In spite of buying end-to-end furniture items, go for curved pieces. If your home is square, the addition of curvy furniture will leave significant space in the corners, making your home look larger. Pick a curved sofa set, a chair with the curve, or a round coffee table.

You can add the rugs that are embellished with dots and spirals, and are curvy in shape.

Set Storage System Vertically

The best way to make use of your space is to go upright with the storage. The narrow and tall storage system offers significant storage area and it also provides your home with a spacious and leaner feel.

Moreover, you can set two vertical bookshelves and almirahs on any side of the door.

Simple Patterned Curtains

There is no need to confine yourself to the old fashioned and dull curtains. If you go for simple patterned curtains, it can make your home look larger. Hang the curtains outside the window or hang them from floor to the ceilings.

Also, if you want to hide the curtain rod, you can have them flow from the cornice.

Use Lucite Chairs & Tables

The Lucite chairs and tables give you a sense of openness, making your home airy and free while being well-designed. The tables having transparent tops also play the same role. But, it is excellent to select the non-colored tops in spite of dark-colored glass, which may make your home look small.

Pick a Palette of Light Color

It is a truth that the light colors make your home appear large and airy, while the dark shade makes space look smaller.

Always keep the shade of your interior home light. Concentrate on using the bright and light shade while choosing your palette.

Use Lights Artistically

If you want to make your home feel spacious and warm, add lights. Add different lights in multiple areas of your space for creating interest and generating the feeling of space. Use numerous lamps and white LED lights to make a warm glow in the home.

There are no rules on how you can decorate your home. It’s up to you and only you define the rules!

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