Tiny Houses: Good or Bad Investment?

Tiny Houses: Good or Bad Investment?

What are Tiny Houses?

Tiny Houses are the latest trend in America. Back in about ten years, you did know about the term small houses. Well, in the present day, these micro homes are just lovely. The old and young people are craving to have them. It is the new sensation among American homeowners. Average young people do not have much of a bank balance. So they are going for fewer loans and small homes. According to an estimation, the cost to build a tiny house of average 200 square foot is under $50,000. Usually, it takes almost between $25,000 and $35,000.

The tiny house is one that has an area of less than 500 square feet. Most of the tiny houses are of 200 square feet. In these homes, you maximize the little space you have available. For example, you just use folded tables and lofts instead of bedrooms. You have only one bathroom and, naturally, there is no way to dream of things like movie theaters, fitness rooms etc.

There are different types of tiny houses like:

  • Micro Apartments
  • Small Luxury Houses
  • Shipping containers build homes
  • Small Texas Houses

Perks of Tiny Houses

Low Expenses:

The average cost of standard homes is very high. Honestly, more than ordinary people cannot afford them. According to estimation, the value of a conventional house in America is $272,000. Well, we look at the tiny houses, they are much cheaper. The price of these homes with all the luxury facilities is affordable for almost everyone. It is 80% lower than in traditional houses. So, you can get one by taking a small loan from the bank.

Fewer maintenance requirements:

Tiny houses need less maintenance, and you are going to spend less time cleaning. There is a low cost of the exterior paint. You once build the roof and no replacement of the roof in these tiny houses. You spend time in relaxation.

No problem of future moves:

Most of the people do not purchase a traditional home because they are afraid of permanence. You invest a lot of money, and suddenly you are transferred to any other area. Well, if you spend money in a moveable structure, it is worth it. It is easy to move to another place. Usually, you pay for the piece of land where you park your tiny house. So, just a new land piece at a new home and there you go.


In small houses, you can make a lot from recycled material, and there is less waste. The use of solar or wind sources for power purposes is the right choice. You make less waste material in the decoration of the home.

Cons of Tiny Houses

You may face the low storage space in tiny houses.

They need cleaning more frequently as compared to traditional homes.

Accessibility is the main issue in these tiny homes.

You may have to pay more for the house requirements.

Privacy matters the most, which is not usually available in these tiny homes.

Smaller toilets are annoying, and composting toilets are the only option in these tiny homes.

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