The Most Expensive Minerals in the World

most expensive minerals
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The Most Expensive Minerals in the World

Some minerals are worth more than others, depending on their rarity and uses. Here are the world’s most expensive minerals.


One Of The Most Expensive Metals, Rhodium

Valued at $56 per gram, this silver-white metal is primarily used as a catalyst. Alloyed with other minerals, it becomes an essential coating for objects spanning from mirrors, silverware and jewelry, to camera parts.


Painite is one of the rarest minerals in the world. At first glance, this red crystal can be confused with garnet or ruby. Because of its extreme rarity, its value amounts to $60,000 per carat.


Diamond can be classified as one of the most popular mineral in the world. It has several industrial applications aside from jewelry. They are so extremely effective at polishing, cutting, and drilling that they can be used as saws and drills. It’s now approximately $55,000 per gram.

Black Opal

Black Opals have become prominent because of their dark body color, that contrasts against their fire color. This makes them very desirable, making them the top choice among other opal varieties. They can be used in all forms of jewelry, and costs $2,350 per carat.


Platinum has been widely used in the jewelry industry. This shiny, silvery-white metal is as resistant to corrosion as gold. However, it’s also used in catalytic converters for cars, trucks and buses. It’s priced at $60 per gram.


More than being a jewelry, this yellow metal does not tarnish and is also a good conductor. It usually costs $56 per gram, but the price may differ in some countries.


Ruby In Its Raw Form Is Still A Thing of Beauty

Rubies are widely known for their bright red color, which can be their unique selling point. However, they can also be used as jewel bearings in the moving parts of mechanical watches. Fine quality rubies can cost $100,000 per carat.


Known for its green color, jadeites were first used to manufacture tools and weapons in the olden times. Today, it’s a priced gemstone amounting to $3 million per carat.

Blue Garnet

Blue garnets are appealing as jewelries. However, they’re also a good abrasive which can be used to cut steel and other materials in water jets. Today they costs $1.5 million per carat.



  • Just don’t forget that gold is still an expensive mineral because it is not rare to find among from these minerals that mentioned here.

  • Jadeite is surely hard to find because of its price. Just imagine what will you gonna do if this kind of mineral is in your hand.

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